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so far today:

1 slice of toast: 74 calories.
3 cookies: 200 calories.
3 strawberries: 11 calories.
3 pistaccios: 9 calories.
1 cup of tea: 0 calories.
1 tomato soup: 190 calories.

total: 483

i hate winter time, we break loads and loads of fresh bread & we bake cookies and pies and such. i don't really like pie. but i like chocolate chip cookies & i love fresh bread as toast. so delicious.

i'm going to buy more of these soup-at-hand things. i forgot how much i loved them & i never realized how much they fill me up and that their calorie count is okay. i was munching too much because i felt really hungry.

i'm feeling dizzy.
my mom saw my caffine pills & i really need one. hmm.

my mom bought some sushi for me to eat tonight. i'm vegetarian and we serve ham the night before thanksgiving. i'm also having sushi for thanksgiving. hoorah!

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